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At last a new brewing company emerges in the beautiful southwestern driftless area.

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Excelsior, Wisconsin
43.251343, -90.628784

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2016-09-07 20:12:38
A very neat set-up of a Brewery that I believe will continue to grow (already in midst of a sizable expansion) and has excellent potential for becoming a name. Beers I tried were solid. Dirt Brown Ale was their current seasonal and has a nice balance of malts without becoming too sweet. There's no food currently offered other than when the Brewer is grilling and I've heard stories of him offering people meals while they taste his beer. Chris is more about the craft than anything else. Atmosphere is neat and low key but the simplicity may not be to everyone's liking. We called ahead to see if they were open after hearing about it from a local resident at the Coop in Gays Mills. So my one recommendation would be too possibly call ahead if you're planning a stop so you get the opportunity to enjoy the company and graciousness of the host brewer. Cheers!
2014-10-03 18:10:56

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