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Readers of Wisconsin Beer are interested in stories that inform and inspire, especially when they are:

1. Selecting the perfect Wisconsin brewed craft beers

2. Visiting breweries, brewing regions, or brewpubs in Wisconsin

3. Looking for opportunities to support the state’s craft brewing and supporting agricultural endeavors.

Advertising on Wisconsin Beer can be an important and appropriate part of these stories. Ads on Wisconsin Beer are in the form of content banners above or below the content or sidebar squares. The horizontal banners are 639 x 90 pixels.


The cost for large horizontal banner ads are as follows (CPM is cost per 1000 impressions, minimum rate is 5000 impressions):

Leaderboard (above the content): $40 CPM (cost per 1000 impressions). Minimum $200 for 5000 impressions.

Middle page: $30 CPM, minimum $150

Bottom of the page: $20 CPM, minimum $100

The ad spaces on the sidebars are 125px squares.


The cost for square sidebar spaces are based on the number of insertions in the site:

10 insertions: $100

15 insertions: $140

20 insertions: $170


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