Wisconsin Beer is an independent group of consumers, writers, and media professionals dedicated to the growth, promotion, and sustainability of Wisconsin craft beer. The website was created by supporters of the Wisconsin beer movie “Comeback”. Filmmaker and media educator Tim Poehlmann-Tynan produced and directed the film and is currently the lead contributor for Wisconsin Beer.

The primary goal of Wisconsin Beer is to increase the visibility of craft beer as a delicious, affordable, and sustainable choice among Wisconsin’s beer drinkers. Craft brewing is not a highly profitable enterprise for the vast majority of brewers. Advertising and marketing efforts need to be strategic and affordable–many times these efforts are solely left up to distributors and/or grassroots social media efforts.

Wisconsin Beer plans to use membership dues and retail revenue to develop print, online, and broadcast marketing products. Currently, we are working on a series of radio commercials to be aired statewide over the holiday season. If you would like to help promote craft beer in Wisconsin (and its relationship to natural resources and local agriculture), then consider joining Wisconsin Beer today.

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